New site at, we provide project management and engineering expertise in the process plant industry and other disciplines.

Established in 2003, Ryland Research has worked with manufacturers in UK, US, Qatar, China, Turkey, West Indies and other countries throughout the world

Apart from process plants, we have mutidisciplinary skills, particularly with turning ideas into workable prototypes and finished products.  Find out more about our work below: 

Process PlantsGrease Saponification Kettle

Are you considering installing a process plant or possibly looking to upgrade or expand your existing facility?  Do you need a turnkey plant, process vessels or repair, replacement or updating of individual vessels or machines?

If so, we can help.

We specialise in the design, construction and supply grease manufacturing plants based on past engineering experience in the lubricants industry. A unique feature is that we skid mount the process vessels to allow quick on-site installation and commissioning.

Our technical know-how is founded upon years in the grease manufacturing industry, working with mono-soap, complex and non-melting grease formulae with a wide variety of processes, for diverse applications.

We continuously improve our designs to incorporate the latest technology to maximise process flexibility and ease of use to the operators.

We ousource and manage equipment from manufacturers in the UK, US and Europe. Sometimes, where cost is an issue, we will supply the critical components to be installed in conjunction with equipment available from sources at the client's end.


Unmanned VehiclesFiremote 4800 in China 2

Are you considering risk-reduction for fire-fighting, identifying and handling hazardous materials, EOD work, or need to monitor a potentially dangerous situation from a movable point. 

If so, we can help.

We build rubber tracked remotely operated vehicles for:

  • Fire Fighting
  • Blast Mitigation
  • CBRN
  • Reconnaissance/Situation Awareness
  • Supporting Client Hardware - OEM Applications

Sometimes called Unmanned Transport Vehicles or Unmanned Ground Vehicles, the machines we build are electrically powered and controlled using radio modem or COFDM links with both video and "software dashboard" style telemetry feedback.

We continuously improve our technology to increase reliability and operator ease-of-use and incorporate advanced communications technology such as COFDM, should the situation require it.


Ground Effect VehiclesGound Effect On Water closer up

Are you held back by the limitations of conventional hovercraft (won't pass over shingle, tall vegetation, fences or hedges; also tend to be hammered by waves at sea), looking for a lower cost, more fuel-efficient and less regulated alternative to an aircraft or helicopter?

If so, we can help. 

We a presently developing a conversion kit to modify a 1 - 2 seater hovercraft into a "Hoverwing" type ground effect vehicle.  Presently. we have a 1/6th scale working model and a full-scale hovercraft platform.  It is more environmentally friendly, fuel efficient and lower-cost than an aircraft or helicopter and benefits from higher ground clearance than a conventional hovercraft.

Applications for this technology include crop/algae spraying, leisure, lake taxi or private transport, crossing lochs, search and rescue, and travel between islands in archipelagos.

Control Systems for Clients' Remotely Operated Vehicles 

If you need to source a long-range control system for your ROV Project, we can provide a system that simultaneously 5 analogue and multiple on/off control channels in the control direction and a similar number of feedback telemetry channels, along with serial data and video feedback in the return direction, via a long-range wireless or umbilical link. COFDM available as an option in difficult or critical applications. 

Test EquipmentGrease Worker

Do you need to perform tests or inspections that require equipment that you either will not find in a catalogue, or if you do, has a horrendous price tag, or gets you blank looks when you talk to an engineering company.

If so, we can help.

We can do one of two things.  If there is a test standard, we can take the design and produce it with up-to-date components without subtly altering or skewing the test method.  Or, of the test is proprietary, we can take your method and build a robust and technically up-to-date  apparatus.