The Ekranoversion™ is intended for those who have an existing 1 - 3 seat hovercraft.  The kit comprises:

  1. Pair of plug-in wings/canards
  2. Aerofoil section with elevator that fits behind the fan
  3. Large rudder and stabiliser
  4. Control column with cables
  5. Additional instrumentation
  6. Metal fittings that go onto the body to take the above and provide additional strength
  7. Reusable emergency-stop parachute
  8. Instructions, including how to position the wings and canards dependent on the centre of gravity

Please note that if the hovercraft has a splitter plate, this may need modification to provide variable lift.

Once converted, apart from the usual benefits that come with a "Hoverwing" ground effect vehicle or Ekranoplan; the craft will have the following in addition:

  • Unique Three-surface configuration (Canard+Wing+Elevator) for better stability and efficiency
  • Ailerons on the wings
  • Emergency braking system

Do you want to help develop the Ekranoversion?

Do you own a hovercraft fitted with a high power two stroke engine?  If so, you could participate in the Ekranoversion development by loaning your hovercraft for the conversion.

You then have the option of:

  • Participating in the design, construction and fitting of the controls, wings and tail
  • Potentially being the first person in the UK to fly a hoverwing when you fly this vehicle
  • Using the completed vehicle as a demonstrator to promote the Ekranoversion