Grease Plant General View


Long before we founded Ryland Research, we designed, built and manufactured process plants in a skid mounted modular form for export projects, some on a turnkey basis. Since starting Ryland Research, we have continued this with plants based on vessel sizes from 30 Litres to 5,000 Litres.  We can build plants and provide components for:

  • Grease Manufacture (see our Grease Plant pages)
  • Brake Fluid Blending (see our History)
  • Lube Oil Blending
  • Marine Fuel Blending (see our History)
  • Wax Product manufacture (see X-Wax)
  • Cosmetics manufacture
  • Food Processing
  • Beverage Manufacture
  • Brewing
  • Distilling
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Adhesive Manufacture
  • Resin Manufacture 

The grease plants we offer can manfucture:

More can be found on our grease plant pages.  On the small-medium scale, we can provide the easy-to-install Grease Production Module

Our major equipment in built by companies based in the UK, US, and Europe. We have not used fabricators based in lower labour rate countries due to quality issues raised by companies who have sourced form there and regretted the consequences.

Our method of supply is intended to shorten the lead-time and minimise the amount of on-site work by supplying the vessels in skid-mounted form, allowing the immediate pipework and services to be pre-fabricated before shipment.

As we come from the grease manufacturing industry, we not only know how to build plants, but also how to make many different grades of grease, allowing us to provide unique features such as:

  • Innovative vessels - e.g. using a turbomixer for saponification
  • Skid based system to allow rapid on-site installation as described above and on Method of Supply
  • Balance between technology and cost that can be varied to suit client
  • Virtually unrivalled knowledge in both plant and grease making technology
  • Good reputation - See History