Its characteristics and the manufacturing basics:

Lithium grease is the de-facto mono-soap bearing grease

The key advantages include:

  • Shear stability Temperature range to almost 200°C
  • Made from widely available commodity raw materials


  • Not very water resistant

Manufacturing Principle:

React Lithium Hydroxide with a mono-valent organic acid in oil by heating to about 200°C, then cool slowly whilst adding more oil to bring it to the right consistency (thickness).  Once complete, mill or homogenise, followed by optional filtering and de-aeration before packaging

Recommended Process Vessel(s):

  • Ideal:  Use pressurised autoclave for the heated half of the process and finishing kettle connected to both heating and cooling circuits for the cooling half.  Cooling circuit is not particularly burdened as diluting oil has cooling effect on batch
  • Cost Effective:  Use a single grease kettle for the whole process.  Kettle can be directly heated to reduce cost further.