Lithium Hydroxide Pre-Mixer after upgrading and renovation

We can recondition process vessels to near-new condition (subject to the state of the original vessel of course!) and we can go further by upgrading their peformance so they work better than they did originally.


Pictured here is a case study of a mobile vessel that we reconditioned for a UK-Based grease manufacturer.

The vessel was originally built in the 1990's to disperse lithium hydroxide into hot water by a grease manufacturer who had previously been using an empty drum balanced on a portable heater, agitating the contents with a broomstick!  The vessel featured a side-entry mixer with bronze impeller, an immersion heater and a compressed air driven siphonic discharge system, controlled by a panel fitted with safety features to prevent it being run (and damaged) when empty and from over-pressurising.  Its distinctive appearance earned it the nickname of the "Dalek".

After 20 years or so, the grease manufacturer decided to convert to being an importer only and shut the plant down and we have agreed to help sell the process equipment.  The first unit to sell was the "Dalek", which as you can see from the pictures on the right, Lithium Hydroxide Mixer Before Renovationwas now encrusted in soap on the outside and limescale on the inside, its lid seal had failed and more disturbingly, its safety interlocks had been bypassed!

We carried out the following work:



Below is a video of the refurbished vessel being tested before despatch:Lithium Hydroxide Pre Mixer Interior Filled With Water


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