Nitrogen GeneratorThe Advantages of Skid Mounting

Building on our experience of skid-mounting process vessels for grease manufacture, we can provide skid mounting for a wide variety of equipment, to permit rapid on-site installation and commissioning.

Not only do we mount process vessels, but can mount other forms of equipment, such as the nitrogen generator shown on the right. 

Generally, we use UK based sub-contractors for this work unless circumstances dictate otherwise.



Skid that doubles as a spill trayQatar Bentone Unit Close Front View

Most skids are based on channel steel with tread-plate welded on top.  Whilst this meets the structural needs for moving and supporting equipment, it served little purpose beyond that.  We can build an improved version that has a closed bottom and open removable tread plate on the top.  This acts as a spill tray or mini-bund that contains the fluid, allowing it to be recovered conveniently rather than having to deal with a more major clean-up operation with the fluid having to be disposed of as waste.


Qatar Lubricants (2012):Qatar Kettle Skids







Qatar Lubricants Bentone Kettle (2011):Qatar Bentone Unit







Base Oil Metering Skid for Turkey (1992):Base Oil Metering Skid