As a result of a long-standing relationship with Jacobson Chemicals Ltd in Alton, Hampshire, we are developing materials and machinery associated with mould-making techniques.  These are used for sculpting, prototyping and stop-frame animation (Claymation), particularly with the movie industry.

Our expertise from the lubricants industry enabled us to develop a new wax product for Jacobson Chemicals, branded X-Wax.  This wax is suitable for carving, sculpting and modelling prior to mould-making; a process used both by the movie industry and sculptors.  We are also introducing the wax with a bumper pack of pigments to allow coloured models to be made for "Claymation" type animation.  Furthermore, our expertise in 3-D Design and the use of 3-D lithographic printing allows us to produce a master for moulding the wax into an attractive customer-friendly form.  More details on X-Wax are available through the sub-menu.

Coming soon will be a mould tumbling machine, which allows the casting of hollow structures that have detail on all surfaces.  More details will follow soon.