We design and build to order specialist test equipment that either is not readily available, or is only available from a small number of manufacturers at too high a price for our clients. 

Here are two examples:

PASSPORT TESTING MACHINE This is a page-turning machine that flexes a page back and forth, as one of a series of rough-handling tests, to ensure that passports do not deteriorate unacceptably during their lifetime.  These machines have been supplied in the UK and in the Mediterranean region.




GREASE WORKER Grease Worker No BackgroundThis is for an ASTM/IP standard test used in grease manufacture quality control.  It is used to mash (work) the grease prior to testing its consistency (thickness) using a cone penetrometer.
The grease is loaded into a cylindrical cell and then the top assembly pushes a perforated plate up and down in the grease to break down any non-permanent gelling that may have occurred, which would disappear during the grease's use.  Most tests are done with 60 strokes, but occasionally, 10,000 or 100,000 strokes are done to investigate whether the grease hardens or softens during its service life.