Firemote 4800 in China



  • YOUR HARDWARE: Securotrack Tracked UGV Platform If you need to remotely deploy your equipment but do not wish to develop a tracked platform from scratch, take a look at the Securotrack.  It can be scaled to suit your application.
  • FIRE FIGHTING WATER DEPLOYMENT: Firemote® Tracked unmanned vehicles with fire-fighting monitors supplied by umbilical hose from fire appliance, pump or hydrant.  Standard version handles up to 1700 litres per minute and “4,800” version handles up to 4,800 litres per minute.
  • HAZMAT, CBRN AND MILITARY APPLICATIONS: Tracked platform with up to two 6 axis arms for remotely lifting and moving contaminated objects and cutting through debris.  Optional second arm, rarely seen on land ROV’s, increases versatility.  Also fitted colour and thermal imaging cameras, gas monitors, radiometer, etc. See: HAZMAT, Firemote and Firemote 4,800
  • RISK REDUCTION BY BLAST PROTECTION OF ACETYLENE AND OTHER GAS CYLINDERS IN FIRE-FIGHTING: Blast Protection deployment device fits onto the front of the Firemote®, which carries a deflated Cintec Waterwall blast protector to the cylinder, inflates it, then fills it with water
  • SITUATION AWARENESS: Securotorack, Firemote® and Hazmat Robot remotely operated vehicles fitted with colour and thermal imaging cameras and gas monitors to see if a space is safe enough to enter.
  • SECURITY: Securobot in either remotely operated or autonomous version can be used for monitoring unmanned premises, detecting problems and if necessary intercepting intruders using optional paintball guns.  The remotely operated prototype Securobot was put to entertaining use in the Gadget Show.

Example Videos:-