A tracked remotely operated platform with video and sensor feedback, also with two-way audio for CBRN, HAZMAT, Fire-Fighting, Security, Military, Industrial and other applications, carrying the following:-

  • Multi Axis arm with cutter and gripper
    The platform can take either one or two arms.  Each arm, normally manufactured by Hydro-Lek has six axes of rotation, has a reach of 1500mm, a slewing angle of 120° and is capable of lifting 32 Kg at full reach.

    In single arm configurations, it would be centrally mounted as shown in the diagram opposite, with the capability to slew 60° to each side.  An extra large gripper can be fitted to lift drums.

    Considerable advantage could be gained by fitting two arms side by side in a manner similar to an underwater ROV.  Not only does this increase the lifting capacity significantly but it would allow the lifting of large objects such as a drum without specially large grippers, just by holding the drum on each side as a person would.  It would also make remote working much easier, for example, one arm could hold a vehicle door open while the other arm reaches in to retrieve an object or turn a valve off.
  • Sensors
    Gas Sensors can be fitted to monitor air breath-ability or the spread of a dangerous gas. Radiation Sensors can be fitted for remote sensing of potentially radioactive or radioactively contaminated materials and monitoring the spread of radioactive clouds.
  • Cameras
    All non line-of-sight remote vehicle applications require video cameras.  We fit colour, thermal imaging, low-light and other camera types to suit the circumstances.  The cameras can be fitted on interchangeable mounts to allow the most appropriate cameras to be fitted for a particular mission.

The telemetry and feedback is done using a two-way COFDM wireless link that gives better non line-of-sight performance than standard modems.  Cable link is also possible where RF is not safe.

 HAZMAT Robot Line Drawing with thicker lines 

Video Clip Of Hydro-Lek Arms that we would fit to the HAZMAT Unmanned Vehicles