The Securobot is for: 

  • Remote Surveillance
  • Riot/Civil Disturbance Control
  • General Crowd Control
  • Applying coded dyes to intruders
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Fighting Small Fires

The Securobot is comprised of the following: 

  • Securotrack tracked propulsion unit, able to climb and descend stairs, travel on almost all types of surface, narrow enough to fit through 762mm “standard” doorways
  • Torso with optional gyro stabilisation, designed to remain vertical on sloping ground and stairs
  • Non-Lethal twin plastic bullet/paintball machine guns that can be used to fire plastic “bullets” or paintballs at rioters. If the paintballs are loaded with coded UV readable dyes, the recipients can be forensically linked to a specific place and time
  • Arm with gripper, for opening doors and moving small objects
  • Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher, to extinguish small fires
  • Temperature and smoke sensors, to detect unusual changes in environment and to detect fires. One of the temperature sensors uses Infrared radiation to detect excessively hot spots that indicate the seat of a fire
  • Omnidirection camera cluster, for navigation and surveillance, including a zoom camera and on-board IR illuminator for night time work
  • Two-way communication, that allows remote operator to communicate with people
  • Telemetry Unit, with a full set of controls and a screen showing the views from the camera cluster. It communicates either by COFDM link, Wi-Fi or umbilical, can record video footage and can relay secure data to a command centre 

The Securobot is available in two forms:


Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) version:


The simpler, lower cost machine, driven by a remote operator from the telemetry unit. This would be used for:

  • Riot and civil disturbance control where it is potentially too dangerous for police to be physically present
  • Evidence gathering in high crime areas
  • Remote inspection of suspicious packages or vehicles where in safety exclusion zones, for example where there is the risk of explosion, chemical leakage, biohazards or radiation

Autonomous Version:


The more complex machine that can either be used as an ROV as described above or switched to autonomous behaviour. This would allow one operator to field either one or several machines in one location simultaneously to survey, patrol and take intervening action without human input and return to docking station for recharging when the battery voltage is low

It could be configured to:

  • Patrol an area or building, relaying video footage to the Telemetry Unit
  • Play a pre-programmed message to anyone detected in the vicinity
  • Use the fire extinguisher on a hot spot detected by the infrared sensor
  • Play a pre-programmed warning to an intruder and then fire the guns of he/she fails to vacate after a set period of time


In addition to the applications above, this version would be used for:

  • CCTV surveillance patrol of areas that cannot be effectively covered by normal CCTV or easily alarmed, such as wooded grounds around a building, construction sites, mines, quarries, large car parks, dockyards and storage compounds.
  • CCTV surveillance patrol of building complexes where there are numerous passages, rooms, extensive grounds, etc. Examples include head offices, research laboratories, military bases, shopping malls, universities, colleges and power stations.
  • Surveillance, patrol and crowd control at special events, e.g. festivals 


Paintball Securobot without Hoppers

Paintball Securobot with Hoppers thumbnail